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Area Rug CleaningArea rug in a dining room

            The oriental and area rugs in your home represent a major investment. Over time your area rugs start to look dirty and dull from everyday usage and traffic but vacuuming alone does not get down deep enough to properly clean your area rugs because allergens such as sand, dirt, hair and even dust mites are trapped deep down in the fibers of your area rug. Not only are they dulling the look of your area rugs from all of these particles that are choking out the color but they are also wearing the fibers of your area rugs due to their abrasive nature. Therefore, regular professional upholstery cleaning will not only keeping them looking new it will also extend the life and beauty of your area rugs.
    At America’s Best Carpet Care we want to ensure that your
area rugs stay in the best possible state for years to come. By using several different deep cleaning methods we can clean almost any area rug, ranging from an antique orienta, silks, or braidedl rug to new area rugs you just bought. Our cleaning process is tough enough to handle any stains and gentle enough for any type of area rug. Area rung in a den           

   Even though every area rugs' needs are different based upon their size, manufacturing process, and the materials their created from we promise to we will make your area rugs look shiny, clean, and just like new. 

     Call today for your free over the phone estimate with one of our trained technicians (901)-624-9555


    With over 20 years of carpet and area rug care cleaning knowledge and understanding, you can have confidence knowing that America’s Best Carpet Care will provide superiority cleaning at reasonably priced prices.