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Carpet Cleaning

technian by tuckWhy should I have my carpets cleaned?

The first reason is the appearance. A clean carpet makes everything look better. When you have guests over do you want them to look at your stained and dirty carpet?


The second is that clean carpets last longer. Dirt is abrasive and over time will permanently damage your carpeting. With every step you take the dirt in your carpet is ground into the carpet fibers. This will cause your carpet to wear out quicker.


Lastly you should have your carpets cleaned for your health. A clean carpet is healthier. Do you want your kids crawling around on dirty carpets? Also, carpets trap dust and dirt, keeping it out of the air.

America’s Best Carpet Care cleaning method

America’s Best Carpet Care uses the steam cleaning method. The steam cleaning method is one of the most commonly used techniques of carpet cleaning. This method of cleaning carpets is also known as Hot Water Extraction. Other carpet cleaning methods can be counted as light surface cleaning. Steam carpet cleaning is considered the only real deep cleaning method.

How Carpet Cleaning works

Our trained carpet cleaning technicians will start with a pre-inspection of the carpet in your home in order to identify any problem areas. Then our technicians will use the America’s Best Carpet Care Two-Step Deep Cleaning process to makes your carpet clean:

carpet cleaning wand   Step 1:  We spray a fine water based solution blend with detergent over the carpet. This process           forces water into your carpet and breaks up the dirt deep down.

  Step 2: Next we use our high-powered extraction vacuum to extract up and remove all the dirt and the    water together.

America’s Best Carpet Care uses portable machines for you

America’s Best Carpet Care uses portable machines in opposition to truck- mounts, which mean no more having to leave the front doors of your house open and no more dragging long hoses all throughout your hour hose. In addition, with our portables the carpet is completely dry in 5-6 hours or less. However, most truck mounts require a drying time of overnight. That means the carpet stays wet longer and if there is poor ventilation or if the humidity is high then the carpet may cause mold growth. Once mold growth starts, it can create some health problems for people with asthma and allergies. And for those reasons America’s Best Carpet Care uses portable machines for our customers.

The carpet cleaning visit

Before we arrive

To prepare for our arrival there is very little you need to do. We only ask that you remove items from under any beds in the rooms that we will be cleaning.

Once we arrive, we will:

  • Perform an examination of all the rooms to be cleaned, noting any soiled areas or traffic paths.
  • Carefully move any furniture in the rooms (except very large items, such as dresser, pianos, china cabinets, and entertainment centers, etc.).
  • Pre-treat any heavily soiled carpeted areas to ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the carpet using our hot water extraction method.
  • Place protective pads underneath your furniture and return it to its original location.
  • Once all rooms have been cleaned, we will complete a final inspection with you.

After we leave

cleaned room

 While our powerful vacuum system removes almost all of the  moisture from your carpet, however, the carpet may still be damp  to the touch.
  •  To help accelerate the carpets drying time turn on any ceiling fans and turn on your air conditioning system.
  • Remember until the carpet is completely dry leave the protective pads under furniture legs

How often your carpet should be professionally cleaned. 

To keep your carpet looking its best for as long as possible, America’s Best Carpet Care recommends that following the table below for basic guidelines for scheduling a carpet cleaning

Guidelines for Scheduling a Carpet Cleaning


Young children

Children and pets

3-6 months

3 months

2 months