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Carpet Deodorizing

Dog on the carpetOne of the primary causes of carpet odors is pet urine. When pet urine decomposes on carpet it produces a foul smell as it penetrates the carpet backing and the under padding as well as the subfloor.  Over a relatively short period of time, as pets continue to urinate in the same basic area and often without your knowledge, the odor problem can quickly become overwhelming. 

As the pet urine dries the liquid dries but the urine leaves behind crystal residue which is highlyDog on the capet concentrated and, if you can even imagine, more pungent. At this point wiping up the urine on carpet will not remove this horrible odor. Over a period of weeks live bacterial growth begins to breed, permeatebacterial growth has created a permanent odor in your home.

Our pet odor eliminator that we use at Americas Best Carpet Care is a professional specialized product that utilizes different live enzymes that attack and feed on the urine residue. These specialized enzymes quickly spread throughout the carpet, penetrating deep down and devouring the urine residue and removing bacterial strands resulting with the elimination of the pet odor.


Carpet Deodorizer


Fresh-Scent Deodorizer $10 per room
Pet Odor Enzyme Deodorizer $15 per room